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Bing Search History


All users searches in Bing search engine are stored by default in the bing history.  In this article we will see how to view and delete it.

How to View bing search history

These are all the required steps to complete the process:

  1. Go to Bing
  2. Sign in to your microsoft account.
  3. Click on the hub button. On top right corner of your screen the gear icon with three lines. (see image below from edge browser)
  4. Select Search History in the menu

  1. You will see all your recent and historical searches from the beginning of times.
  2. You can select to show or hide your recent searches by moving the option to on or off.



If You want to Delete all you can do it by clicking in Clear All option (see image below). If you don't see this option then try the next option.


How to turn off

To turn off the bing history tracking just  click on Show new searches here and ensure it is now off. This will disable automatic saving of future searches.


Privacy Dashboard

The privacy dashboard is your search history page for browsing data and search engine settings. A new feature from your microsoft account where you can manage your personal information, bing search history settings and view your browsing history, recent searches and past searches that bing stores.

It contains internet users data from microsoft edge browser, cortana voice searches and internet explorer.


Manage entire search history

You can also manage your activity it in the Manage my search history option. This will get you access to your cloud account info including browsing activity and past searches.


The bing search Engine history

Bing is the new name that brings together all the attempts to create a search engine for the Microsoft company: Windows Live, Msn, etc ...

Bing is the main google competitor. It brings the best search result from a query in a list format.

It was born in 2009, in an attempt to give a new global option for Internet searches. Microsoft used its most cutting-edge technology to shape this new search engine, which is slowly gaining strength on the Web, strategically allying with other Web companies that offer services, such as Twitter.

The interface of Bing is simple and intuitive, but it makes the difference with respect to other like Google for its graphic characteristics: Its background, changing day after day; the search bar, located further to the left; or its menu of search options, just above the bar.

Also the search results display is quite different from

It is also important to note that it integrates perfectly with Windows Live personal accounts, being able to log in from the search engine and interact with the results of our searches. On advanced search methods and added services we will discuss in future articles.

To do a basic search it will be enough to write in the bar the text that we want to find out, and click on the button that has a magnifying glass drawn. Clicking on that button will show the related results, following the discrimination that we have previously marked in the search options menu. This option enables the screening of searches from the start, choosing if we want the results displayed are images, videos, purchases, news ... If we do not do any action on this menu and perform the search with the options checked by default, it will locate websites related to typed text.

Below the bar we can also determine if we want the results shown to us to be results from all over the world, only from an specific country or specific language. This way we will be able to focus much more the results, being easier to find the precise content that we are looking for.

Now we only have to read and click on the result that we consider most relevant for us. The results view provides information about each localized content (summary, linked URL, etc ...).